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Links 5.26.12

May 27, 2012

This is the first post on this new site. Many days I will simply be telling a page or two’s worth about the things I read that seemed interesting. Sometimes I will do longer pieces. This is a very lightweight version of what I am aiming for. Just a few selections from the news that makes me crazy.

TruthDig on Canadian Protests -Why oh why isn’t this bigger news? 100+ days of massive student protest. Questioning the very legitimacy of the austerian obsessed right wing government… Where’s the mainstream media, eh?

Newspeak & Soviet Style Sci-Fi -Paul Krugman commenting on an article showing how deep our divide is in this country. We are now trying to censor and discredit history if it doesn’t sound pro-America enough.

A Global New Deal -This would actually take a little bit of unpacking, but at least it is an interesting idea. I like seeing some bigger ideas. I try not to simply select things I fully agree with. A little bit of a challenge to my thinking is a good thing.

Slouching towards third world status – Speaking about our apparent inability to accurately assess reality when it comes to American rah-rah dogma:

“Many Americans still have an almost cult-like belief that America is the greatest nation on earth. They systematically reject evidence suggesting we have significant room for improvement.

Sounds overly-dramatic? When opposing President Obama’s health care reform proposals, Speaker of the House John Boehner repeatedly proclaimed (with passionate intensity) that America has the “best health care system in the world.” Boehner is correct only if you exclude the entire developed world from the comparison. The U.S. ranks 50th for longevity and 49th for infant mortality, where we’re barely ahead of Belarus, Croatia and Lithuania.

I defy anyone to name a single important health care metric where the U.S. is considered a best-practice example as a nation. The only thing we lead the world in… is cost of health care. We have the world’s most expensive health care system. For example, our health care system costs almost twice Canada‘s, but we produce inferior results.

For Boehner to say we have the best health care system in the world, and not be laughed out of office, is at best ‘trained incapacity’ or ‘occupational psychosis.'”

Obama continues warrantless Spying on US citizens – If you have been paying attention, this is no surprise. I’ll try to get my first “Creeping Police State” post together in the next week or so. Glenn Greenwald continue documenting what has to be one of the most disturbing trends in America.

Bain Capital: weak version – The short version is simple. Why do democrats get accused of being pinko anti-capitalist Bolsheviks for saying the same things Republican primary challengers did a couple weeks ago? Not entirely a bad question.

Bain Capital: strong version – Once we get past the easy anti-capitalist accusations, how do we evaluate what private equity does and whether or not it is fitting with the type of capitalism that is most beneficial to society? Mike Konczal does a good job getting the discussion started.

Who is the better Austerian? – As I may have intimated, the news makes me crazy. Mike Konczal again gets us back onto the right track. First we misrepresent Obama’s spending record. Then Obama touts it as a good thing. Then there are numbers. Then we all cry.

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