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Links 5.28.12 (Memorial Day Themed)

May 28, 2012

Here is a quick Memorial Day link dump. My general position is that I am opposed to war “as much as possible.” I am not a complete pacifist in that I believe some wars and interventions are necessary. That said, we have been in a constant state of war for too long. Bring the boys back home. Of course, and obviously… We have deep strategic energy interests and empire interests around the world. In order to be a realist and oppose such perpetual militarism, I’d have to be promoting an entirely new way of life on this planet. That seems like too much to hope for today. Today I encourage celebrating the service and sacrifice of our military without necessarily buying wholesale into the inevitability of what looks like an endless series of wars and conflicts.

Bill Moyers on our ongoing legacy of torture. There is this deeply crazy-making aspect to sacrificing so many men and women in uniform, plus the many, many civilian casualties in the countries we invade, in order to preserve a way of life or a set of ideals, only to watch us embrace so many of the things we once opposed. There is no honor in this.

“So here we are, into our eleventh year after 9/11, still at war in Afghanistan, still at war with terrorists, still at war with our collective conscience as we grapple with how to protect our country from attack without violating the basic values of civilization — the rule of law, striving to achieve our aims without corrupting them, and restraint in the use of power over others, especially when exercised in secret.

In future days and years, how will we come to cope with the reality of what we have done in the name of security? Many other societies do seem to try harder than we do to come to terms with horrendous behavior commissioned or condoned by a government.”

26 Slides of US Soldiers for Memorial Day.

A less than positive look at some of the stories that show our collective lack of respect for the Armed Forces. Much of this is old news, but for those of us who aren’t directly tied to these wars (don’t serve and don’t have family serving) it is important to remember that taking care of the men and women who serve in uniform needs constant focus or else it falls through the cracks.

Here is a good little collection of musical musings in memorial of the wars we’ve fought in recent memory.

“Dear businesses which send me email: if you wish someone a “happy Memorial Day” you don’t really understand the concept.”

And I’m just going to wholesale steal these links from Naked Capitalism… They did an amazing job pulling together Memorial Day links. I’ll likely spend all day reading and not get through them all. If any jump out as extra special, I’ll write them up later with a few notes.

Army Sgt. Brian L. Walker, Lucerne Valley; killed in Afghanistan LA Times, 1,974th U.S. death, 3,000th Operation Enduring Freedom death.

Why I Threw Back My ‘Global War on Terror’ Medal Common Dreams

The other US-Afghan alliance in Chicago Guardian

Inquiry Ordered Into Deaths of Afghan Family Times

US will not be price ‘gouged’ by Pakistan: PanettaAFP

Security crisis threatens Yemeni transition FT

Asked to Confirm Military Is Ready for Iran Strike, Panetta Says Pentagon Has Plans for Everything ABC

Panetta: Cuts to defense spending would be ‘disastrous’LA Times

The amazing expanding Pentagon Boston Globe

Filling in the Details of the Obama DoctrineBloomberg

Joe Biden: withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan allows military to refocus Guardian

Barack O’Romney Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy. Bi-partisan consensus on foreign policy.

West Point Is Split on the Fate of an Approach to War Times. Counter-insurgency doctrine.

What’s next for army’s ‘warrior spirit’? Military seeks new challenges for troops after Afghanistan Edmonton Journal

Among post-9/11 veterans, deepening antiwar sentiment Christian Science Monitor

Military commanders warned to get troops in line Star-Advertiser

Gays graduate openly at military academies Navy Times

Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Filing For Disability Benefits At Historic RateHuffPo

How to house homeless vets LA Times

Service dogs help Wash. soldiers battling PTSD Seattle Post-Intelligencer

On the Epidemic of Military Suicides Daily Beast

A Memorial Day thought: Maybe Pittard really does speak for us on suicides Foreign Policy

Widow Keeps Shell Casings to Remember

After A Year In Afghanistan, Memories That Stick NPR

Ongoing conflict severely limits tourism in Afghanistan USA Today

Afghan road lifelines blocked by graft, kickbacks Reuters

Contractor Accused of $750 Million Overcharge for Wartime Grub Wired

Bush’s Terror Overreach Becomes ’New Normal’ Under ObamaBloomberg

Loving the Warrior, Hating the Wars: Our Memorial Daze Charles Pierce

How to Forget on Memorial Day Tom Dispatch

The Authoritarian Mind Salon

My war: How I got irony in the infantryHarpers

Against Annihilation of the Spirit: Let Us All Become Cowards The Power of Narrative

And finally, here is Chris Hayes speaking about Memorial Day.

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