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Links 5.31.12

May 31, 2012

I’m in a crazy-making mood, but this is all I got in me today. Less selections, but better screened.

I’m Mitt Romney, Bitches, and I’m All You Got Left. This is maybe the best thing in the history of the world. Read it. Read it now. 

The Montreal protesters are drawing attention to a growing trend: governments often skew decisions in favour of short-term priorities, often for industrial interests. To promote those priorities, government, industry, and their supporters try to stifle discussion around the real issues and demonize those who press for change or question the status quo.”

Glenn Greenwald on Obama as “Warrior in Chief,” and no that ain’t a compliment:

“But this is precisely the premise that President Obama himself has now adopted in order to justify civilian deaths and re-classify them as “militants.” Here is the rationale of Obama officials as described by the NYT: “people in an area of known terrorist activity, or found with a top Qaeda operative, are probably up to no good.” Probably up to no good. That’s a direct replica of Dershowitz’s argument, and is closely related to Podhoretz’s. They count someone as a “militant” — worthy of death — based purely on the happenstance of where they are and the proximity they’re in to someone else they suspect is a Bad Person. If such a person is killed by a U.S. missile, then, by definition, they are “militants,” not “civilians” — even if we don’t know the first thing about them, including their name.

That’s official Obama policy. It won’t even be reported on most MSNBC shows, and won’t even be acknowledged, let alone denounced, by the vast majority of Democrats, including progressives. That’s the Obama legacy.”

Paul Krugman doing the “You forgot your homework, but I’m paid to be eternally patient” schtick on BBC. Good 8 minute watch.

From the archives! Chris Hayes does a bit on “Heterodox Economists” (no, not economists who sleep with women)…

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