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Links 6.2.12

June 2, 2012

Deficit obsession as horror movie metaphor. Yup, Forbes – that socialist bastion of left wing sympathizers.

“Why on earth a reduction in spending from the one sector that does not face a budget constraint should be hailed as good news is beyond me. Who is it that fiscally responsible people think will create the necessary demand for goods and services? The heavily indebted and unemployed consumers? The quite reasonably gun shy entrepreneurs? Europe? China? Of course not. The bottom line is, reducing the deficit right now is a recipe for disaster. As I said three weeks ago, no good will come of this. And, indeed, today’s unemployment numbers were dismal. The seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate in April was 8.1%. In May, that rose to 8.2% (Bureau of Labor Statistics). There hasn’t been anything less surprising since Jason rose from the dead and we had yet another Halloween sequel.


And so, our government–as represented by both parties–is still stumbling around in the dark in an old haunted house. We know exactly what’s going to happen–the villain is going to jump out with a bloody knife and start slashing and stabbing. Only problem is, it’s going to be the American worker and entrepreneur who will be doing all the bleeding. Those making these ridiculous decisions will still have their jobs.”


It may be easy to dismiss China’s jabs at the US on Human Rights, but are they wrong about the horrendous treatment of “Occupy?” I think not.

Scariest article on the privatization of surveillance in a long time.

Shocker – poverty isn’t on the agenda.

Was the financial crisis the beginning of a wholly new form of capitalism? Capitalism 4.0?

Phew! The CDC confirms that they know of no virus that would reanimate the dead. Zombies don’t exist. Thanks for clearing that up!

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