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Links 6.3.12

June 3, 2012

Spain’s Game of Chicken – Or we could call it Germany’s larger game of “can I collect if the Euro folds?” See a detailed explanation below…

What’s wrong with economics? “Reflexivity” sounds an awful lot like we manifest what we believe through our actions. What a hippie.Also, the European Union isn’t a bright shiny object anymore.

It’s even worse than it looks. This book picks up where “Winner Take All Politics” leaves off. This is one of the things that makes me absolutely batshit crazy… There is no way on earth to accurately look at modern history and conclude that liberals have run to the left and conservatives have equally run to the right. I hear words like “socialism” and “communism” all the time, but I fear people have no idea what they mean. For a liberal-ish type such as myself, I am as angry with right wing nonsense as I am with the democratic party for not launching a significant counter-balancing position or challenge to our privatizing, neo-liberal, free-market libertarian purity tests in the public sphere. Anyway, these two books show that as much as we’d like a “he said, she said” type of false equivalence in politics, it isn’t there.

Michael Steele says don’t equate union with liberals or you’ll alienate conservatives who are pro-union… Also, there is no “right-wing conspiracy” to dismantle unions.

And then he agrees that republicans basically tell a story that says the world (America) would be better if there were no unions at all.

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