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Let’s Play the Global Warming / Renewable Energy Game

June 4, 2012

Ahhh, those cute climate change deniers… It seems that we can’t talk climate change without at least a brief nod towards the so called “deniers” and their corporate sponsors. A brief smackdown ensues.

Big problems require big solutions: There is a disturbing trend in the data. Basically, every time we turn around the data has gotten worse, and faster than we anticipated. This makes a certain amount of sense seeing as how we are not doing anything substantial to slow the process, scientists are usually conservative in their estimates (probably more so here with all the reflexive charges of “alarmism”) and given that climate is a “dynamic system,” and will undoubtedly accelerate in weird directions as we reach certain tipping points, equilibria, stable attractor basins or what have you… Some solutions are linked to:

Doesn’t Matter What The Energy Source Is?!?! Of course, and I really like this… Forget about CO2 emissions and fossil fuels. Let’s just do a thought experiment where we instantaneously get all of the energy we need for a sustained path of growth (even slightly less than we have been growing over the past 350 years or so)… Call it 2.3% a year. Go ahead and try to do some physics work on what that would entail for the planet? It’ll make global warming look like a cool spring breeze while the oceans boil in roughly 400 years! In other words, not only do we need renewable, “green” energy sources, we need to rapidly replace our centuries old “growth” models with sustainable models. Don’t believe me? Fine, do the calculations yourself.

Thankfully, perhaps the Libertarian intellectuals are waking up to the idea of “public goods” just in time?? If any large scale “save the humans” / “save the earth” project is to be pursued, obviously we are going to need government and private industry and we’ll need to stop our simplistic belief in market efficiency and do everything we can to make sure we get the most efficient solutions possible. Now who is going to tell the Ron Paul nut-jobs that even Libertarian intellectuals are waking up?


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