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Obama Killed Liberalism??? Let It Burn.

June 6, 2012

I suspect Matt Stoller is right… Obama has finally killed liberalism. OK, maybe that is harsh, and certainly he didn’t do it all by himself, but liberalism does indeed appear to be dead. Of course the right wingers will go on screaming about socialism and communism and such, but in even a 50 year expanse of mildly un-retarded perspective, it should be obvious that there is no longer a viable alternative to neo-liberal, neo-classical, supply side, corporate owned, privatize everything, bust the unions and let the invisible hand sort it out right wing free-marketism. Some might argue that there is bad and worse, and maybe we should choose the lesser of two evils. Maybe they are right, but maybe they are wrong…

What if we look at it differently? I propose that from the liberal-ish perspective, there is nobody representing us with any political clout. Sure, there are a handful of hold-outs, but they don’t wield any power. So, that being the case, why don’t we simply give full control to the most radical wing of the opposition? Sounds crazy and defeatist, I’m sure, but hear me out: If we are right and they are wrong, let the whole thing implode on itself; if they are right and we are wrong, well then things will get better. Either way we will arrive at some kind of conclusive resolution faster, thereby reducing the duration of human suffering. We will also deprive the fake democratic party, that purports to offer an alternative to the right, of all legitimacy, thereby forcing them to reset and begin anew. Sounds like a genius plan, except ya know, for all the problems… Reality sucks. The news makes me crazy.

Also, conservative think tanks with decidedly anti-climate change positions haven’t done any recent research in that area? I’m shocked and appalled. I would’ve thought they were honest brokers. *Facepalm*Image


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