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O Canada…

June 11, 2012

Naked Capitalism put together an awesome set of links (yet again) for the Canada protests:

Montreal. Heavy manners in Montreal on Grand Prix weekend: “Le Devoir tested the rumour that wearing the red square gets you stopped and searched in the metro this weekend. It does.” “It’s an undeclared state of emergency – normal rights have been suspended but without announcement. We’re supposed to just understand it.” “I was then told it was ‘better to shut your mouth when you’re wearing a red square.’ The cop TRUDEAU … then arrested—violently—one passer-by who asked what was going on and refused to identify himself (it’s his right if he’s not suspect of an infraction) and they left with the guy after giving me my ticket.” “Since when is it is considered acceptable for cops to put tape over their badge numbers?” “Always be careful at ‪#manifencours‬ more & more undercover cops. My friend was followed for a good hour yesterday.”

Friday. CEGEP student: “We’re not going to put the movement on hold to appease big business, we’re going to be out in the streets every night until we win. This isn’t just about tuition hikes anymore, it’s about civil rights and social inequality. I could care less about the F1 weekend.” Tourist: “I saw a girl in high heels just get clobbered by police. I mean you’re not gonna tell me she was protesting in high heels.” “In front of a line of police a block away, dozens of the protesters – many of them dressed entirely in black – put on masks and ski goggles as they prepared for a fight.” “When the cops walked too far ahead of the group, a large contingency of marchers noticed and sprinted across the park towards Ste-Catherine. A first attempt had failed: this one didn’t. Metcalfe Street [F1 party and tourist scene] was, as a result, a chaotic scene: police forces just barely managed to contain the crowd and prevent them from reaching their goal, and then pushed them back by flooding the street with pepper spray.” “[T]here’s also nothing like walking for those many hours and kilometers, for the first time during my maple spring-summer stay, with hundreds of “veteran” anarchists–from CLAC [see here], a relatively longtime anarchist organization, and people who’ve been to many a mass mobilization and other mayhem, such as Quebec City during the alter-globalization days–along with lots of new anarchists–many clean-cut students, such as the ones pictured below, walking from the Metro to the 5 p.m. planned disruption of a fancy Grand Prix dinner by anticapitalists/anarchists.”

Saturday. Tourist: “‘It’s like a movie,’ one man said Saturday, as he watched a line of riot police block off a street in Old Montreal.” “28 people were arrested as protesters tried to push into the Crescent Street bar strip, where several Grand Prix parties were being held. … At least four police vehicles were vandalized — including one that was completely flipped over — and at least one business had its windows broken.”

Sunday. “FECQ [not CLASSE, not CLAC] leader Éliane Laberge has announced plans for further demonstrations throughout the summer, not just to protest tuition hikes but also to focus on popular dissatisfaction.” Protester: “I just find it to be a really disgusting display of wealth and excess, which is really insulting in the context of what’s happening right now.” “Hundreds of police officers and sniffer dogs swarmed the underground train line that services the track site on Ste-Hélène Island… after an anti-capitalist group [no doubt CLAC] called for disruptions.” “36 people were arrested at a metro stations across the island, a move that a police spokesperson called a preventative measure. ”

Quebec Liberal Minister of Culture Christine St-Pierre offers storyteller, poet and songwriter Fred Pellerin the Order of Quebec. “Here’s the sting that Christine St-Pierre served up for the poet: “He has the right to wear the red square, everyone has the right to free expression, but we know what the red square means: it means intimidation, violence, and people blocking others from going to school. For us, that’s what it means and for the big, big, big majority of Quebecers, that’s what it means.” Pellerin refuses the award. Ethan Cox: “We are at a moment of great possibility, of great promise. But it is also a moment of great danger. This is our chance to clean up the mess we have made, but if we fail, yet again, we risk the spiral of violence Hedges describes.” “Once the panda released me from his embrace on rue Sainte-Catherine on a recent Saturday night, men at the leather bar across the way waved him over for their chance at a law-breaking hug. (CL)

I honestly can’t quite process how we are not much more interested in this?? All that is on my “idiot box” is Obama-Romney, horse race stuff. Some GOP operative just said “You have a lot of money, we have a lot of money. We can both say our facts a lot. If the economy is still bad, we win.” That is some cynical shit. But hey, by the way, Canada is rejecting neo-liberal police state tactics. Maybe we should check in and see what is happening? Is this like when you see the same cat twice in the Matrix and the entire illusion is threatened as the agents close in? There is a glitch in the Matrix, and it isn’t in some faraway land like Egypt or Greece…

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